Rockledge Park

Photography & Videography Policy
Rockledge Park provides a safe habitat for wildlife, we limit the use of
the park for other uses such as commercial and portrait photography and

Rockledge Park requires all commercial and portrait photography and
videography groups to preregister and to pay a mandatory permit fee.
Commercial and portrait photography and videography groups must
complete a day-use Photography or Videography Permit. This can be
completed online from or in person at the
Rockledge Park store.

Fees: There is a permit fee of $50 for photography and $100 for
videography. Each vehicle must also pay the $10 entrance fee.

Photo Permit Process:

*Complete the Photography / Videography Permit.

*Receive a Media Pass from Rockledge Park store before session.

*Return Media Pass to Rockledge Park store before leaving.
Media Passes must be worn at all times during the photography /
videography session and returned to the Rockledge Park store before
exiting Rockledge Park.

Photographers and their clients should be considerate of other park
guests. All guests are welcome to take nature photographs of Rockledge
Park and to take casual smartphone pictures during visits. However, all
portrait photographers and videographers (amateur or professional) must
preregister and pay the permit fee to take posed portraits or videos of
individuals or groups at Rockledge Park. We appreciate your

NOTE: If you have questions about this policy, please give us a call at our Park Store: 817-454-1058.