General Park Rules

PARK HOURS:  8:00am – Sunset (Every Day)


1. Must Pay Entrance Fee per Vehicle

2. Park Closes at Sunset

3. Closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas

4. No Vandalizing Park Property

5. No Groundfires

6. All Pets must be on a Leash

7. No Loud Music

8. No Swimming in Kayak Launch area

9. No Littering

10. No Fireworks Allowed

11. Glass Containers Prohibited

12. No Firearms

Don’t be a litter bug… Help Us Keep the Park Clean!

Friends of the Environment

*There are numerous trash barrels located around the park. Please throw trash away to keep the park clean.

Park Entrance Fees


Motorized Vehicle: $10 per vehicle

Pedestrian: $2 per person

Holiday Rate: $20 per vehicle

Holiday Rate: $5 per pedestrian

*Park Entrance Fees are double on Holidays due to more staffing and maintenance.

*Park Entrance Fees allow the park to remain open.

*The entrance fees and permits go back into the maintenance and preservation of the park.